Emily Krestow, PhD

The Goal is to Feel Better

Why I Avoid Insurance

Successful therapy depends upon my ability to keep what you tell me in strict confidence. The client/therapist reationship is personal and unique.  Trust and safety are a necessity. Without having to report to an insurance company, it is not necessary to divulge your private thoughts to a third party (managed care) in order to get the okay for therapy or additional sessions.  Everything is strictly between you and me – your privacy is of the utmost importance.  What we discuss is not part of your medical records and not reportable to anyone you would not wish to share this with.

The number of sessions is determined by your needs, and not by a third party. What issues are important to focus on, and how it is done is between us.  Who determines what is acceptable therapy?  You or your insurance company?  What we work through can be a crisis, a specific issue or conflict, all the way to internal change and a resolution of long-standing difficulties.
You are not hindered by the limitation of outside decision-making.  Someone who does not know you, does not determine what is done for you!
Quality of care, not cost effectiveness should be the most important factor.

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