Emily Krestow, PhD

The Goal is to Feel Better




With over 35 years of experience as a psychotherapist, and as a certified psychoanalyst since 1991, I have helped people successfully work through obstacles to feeling better and leading more gratifying lives. My approach to  therapy emphasizes insight, self-awareness and empowerment.  It is a collaboration, a working together to understand the meaning of symptoms, to find new options for solving problems, to gain perspective on yourself and to put other peoples’ behavior into perspective.

I offer a safe place for people to explore their very personal concerns: to develop healthier relationships, to cope with painful life events. I do considerable work helping couples reconnect and address issues that are obstacles to happy and healthy relationships.

I am also experienced working with those who suffer from eating disorders, and with all whose lives are difficult or painful in other ways – who struggle with depression, anxiety, anger, guilt or self-doubts.

In addition to individual work, I offer couples therapy to help two people recapture and enhance the original connection, to learn about themselves in relation to each other, and to resolve conflict.

The core principle resides in developing the art of communication, improve communication requires respect for oneself and for the other, out of this develops the ability to listen carefully to the other, to be listened to carefully, and a greater understanding and appreciation for each others’ strengths and vulnerabilities.

An important pre-condition for both individual and couple work, is a safe environment that allows for openness and honesty. This is required for people to open up and express concerns and frustrations without fear of judgement, anger and hurt.

The goal of feeling better involves a genuine emotional acceptance of oneself, with positive changes in relationships occurring naturally.

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