Emily Krestow, PhD

The Goal is to Feel Better



With 35 years of experience as a psychotherapist, and as a certified psychoanalyst since 1991, I have helped people successfully work through obstacles to feeling better and leading more gratifying lives. My approach to  therapy emphasizes insight, self-awareness and empowerment.  It is a collaboration, a working together to understand the meaning of symptoms, to find new options for solving problems, to gain perspective on yourself and to put other peoples’ behavior into perspective.

I offer a safe place for people to explore their very personal concerns; to develop healthier relationships, to cope with painful life events. I do considerable work helping couples reconnect and address issues that are obstacles to happy and healthy relationships.

I am also experienced working with those who suffer from eating disorders, and with all whose lives are difficult or painful in other ways – who struggle with depression, anxiety, anger, guilt or self-doubts.

Couples therapy,