Emily Krestow, PhD

The Goal is to Feel Better

Revitalize Your Relationship

So often in the course of a relationship, partners can feel disconnected. Perhaps you don’t feel as though your partner is taking care of you.   You wonder,  am I first in your life?  Partners need to be reminded they are the one another’s secure base and don’t always know how to resurrect those feelings that brought them together in the first place.
We want a partner who makes us feel better, not worse -affirming, valuing and cherishing. In turn, you want to to look up to and admire your partner, and feel as though they do as well. But how do you bring back that feeling again? Dr. Krestow has worked successfully with many couples to help:
  • Re-establish intimacy and trust
  • Understand each other’s emotional needs better
  • Communicate emotional needs more effectively
  • Develop listening skills
  • Resolve conflicts
But what if my partner won’t come to couples counseling? Is it pointless? DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE!  It is still possible for positive change in the relationship developing as a result of one person’s exploration of their difficulties.
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